Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 09 Dec 2021 03:30:43 +0530 en-us Plaster of Paris Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We have in our store a brilliant quality Plaster of Paris that stands out of other varieties available in the market on the counts of consistency, composition and prices. We are entrusted with a task of making available Plaster of Paris in the domestic market. Buyers can get in touch with us for acquiring it in different packaging sizes. More about Plaster of Paris Vikani Plaster of Paris is highest quality that support to making to make your gorgeous interior idea to live. This Vikani plaster is most suitable plaster for application on internal plastering system as punning of wall and ceilings and also for decorative works like roses, cornices, moldings, arches apart from inset false ceiling system. It consists of gypsum hemihydrates specially treated high purity gypsum and also additive to archive more strong, durable and more coverage. Vikani P.O.P. provide superior whiteness of this plaster, assures aesthetics of interior and Micronics Grinding Method provide extra fineness which is resulting to achieve smooth and fine carvings as expectations. Vikani guarantees consistency in his quality in terms of setting period, free from in putty.    Advantages Maintain better fineness by Micronics Grinding Method by Vikani. Vikani use high purity gypsum which provides it good performance of strength and bonding. Coverage of Vikani plaster is more compared to other brand`s plaster of paris. Vikani plaster of paris is free from Silica and other impurities. Vikani achieved  constant quality by advance technology in manufacturing machineries. Gypsum Plaster Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are a one-stop destination to get top-notch quality Gypsum Plaster at feasible prices! We are renowned Manufacturer & Supplier of Gypsum Plaster based in Haryana, India. Our Ready-Mix Plaster is precisely formulated and tested for quality prior to final dispatch. We provide them in different packaging sizes for the ease of the buyers. One can acquire them in retail or bulk, from us.Moe about Gypsum Plaster Vikani Brick Solution is a pre-mixed single coat plaster, which is, eliminates sand cement and POP application. It is recommended to direct application on the normal backgrounds likes bricks, concrete surface, and blocks. Brick solution plaster consists of Gypsum hemihydrates formulated with special additives to enhance working and setting characteristics. It contains lightweight aggregates to improve plasters workability. Apart from providing smooth & high quality finishing to internal walls and the ceilings, it attains early strength, and requires no post water curing and it is free from shrinkage cracks. Plaster Bond Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Another variety that we bring to our nationwide customers is Plaster Bond! We are backed by a team of professionals who make use of the quality-tested material for its production. Apart from this, we proffer it out in tailored packaging options to fulfill variegated demands of the buyers. From Haryana, India, we are trustworthy Manufacturer & Supplier of Plaster Bond.More about Plaster Bond No Wire, no mesh, no hacking, no de-bonding… just go for Vikani Plaster Bond. Vikani Plaster Bond is a bonding agent, which provides excellent performance to the bond gypsum based plaster on RCC background for the internal plastering systems. It is an ultimate choice to apply a single coat brush/roller, which is comprehensive and safe solution. Vikani Plaster Bond is specially formulated which ready to use adhesive consist in organ resins, aggregates and additive.   Product Features Excellent cohesive bond to RCC, Concrete and other surface. Fine aggregate provides good mechanical bonding. Eliminating hacking / fixing wire mesh for plastering on direct RCC surface. Higher coverage. Ready to use nothing to be added at site. Due to green color it is easy to identify the covered area during application. Easy application by Brush/Roller. Plaster application can begin immediate drying the coat. No post/pre­ curing is required. Tips to Use Ensure the substrate is free from dust, wetness and mould oil. Use wider paint brush/roller and clean them before and after application. Stir well before use the adhesive as the aggregates should mix properly. Apply the coat as the aggregates spread uniformly. Allow to the coat dry thoroughly (Aprox. 24 hours) before plastering work starts. Coated surface should be plastered within 10 days. Recommended “NPI Gypsum Brick Solution range for plasters With this adhesive for RCC surface. Do not add water. Vikani Wall Guard Putty Mon, 27 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Vikani Wall Guard Putty is specially formulated by white cement base, which made of filters and additives. Its specially formulated and stringent quality parameters to ensure the product features as superior white, water resistance and crack free surface for easy application along with higher coverage. It’s recommended to application for both interior and exterior finishes on any type of sand cement plaster and also direct on concrete background for getting smooth, silky and granite finish. Vikani Wall Guard Putty Packing available in size 2 kg, 20 kg.   Features Easy application and sanding. More Coverage hence economical. Vikani Wall Guard Putty protect from moisture and water impacts. It is painter’s friendly product so can painting application is easy. Provide smooth, silky and super white finish.